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We talk about Net Neutrality, why it’s important, and that the fight isn’t over yet.

Christian Akacro joins the crew for an interview. He’s the Producer on both Poly Bridge, and the new game Carried Away. Both are incredible physics based puzzle games. He also came bearing gifts. 10 game keys for each game, 5 for North America and 5 for Europe.

Lastly,  we talk about Dr. Disrespect, and what the boundaries are for streamers and their personal lives.

You can submit any questions you have to podcast@warp.world for the Ask the Broadcasters segment!

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Warp World Podcast

One Response so far.

  1. rork2383 says:

    Hey guys.

    Great episode.

    I realize net neutrality will affect you all note than others but there’s both positives and negatives which we’ll seeing coming from this as the bill progresses on through the legislation process. As is typical with all legislation, a bunch of garbage will be added that doesn’t help any of us little guys not politically connected.

    In regards to your segment on streamer vs real life. I feel you guys hit the nail on the head. While I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting any of you in real life, I feel like if and when that should ever occur it would be a friendly and non awkward moment. I feel like viewers in many cases take their interactions with the streamers way too far and don’t stop to realize that you’ll (in many cases) are doing this as a job, and expect or demand specific responses from you. Now I’m not at fault as I have repeated myself in chats to want to be heard or offer my advice / opinion. Afterwards I at least have enough maturity to know if it was too much. I think you run into issues with the obvious trolls and younger audience who hasn’t or doesn’t yet have the real life interactions to understand when they’re starting to cross that line. I think you’ll and your mods do a great job in catching, preventing and taming those specific situations as they arise. My message to listeners would be to always treat a streamer like a friend or family member or parent. There’s conversations that can be appropriate and respectful, funny, trolly, or inappropriate and disrespectful. You want to tread a fine line and not be labeled as a trolly or inappropriate and disrespectful viewer. The streaming community is not large and you can be assured streamers talk to each other about troublesome viewers. Plus you never know if you’ll ever meet someone in real life and you don’t want someone’s first impression of you to be negative because of your internet persona. I think it’s safe to say you all have done and acted respectfullly in other streamers chat with similar mindsets if you should ever meet them in real life, and you’re all just good hearted people which shows through on stream, in discord or in DMs.

    And definitely tell me if I’ve ever been a douche in chat. It’s not my goal to be. I’m in stream watching for enjoyment of the quality of entertainment you provide and I don’t want to sour and other viewers experience because I don’t want mine soured someone else.

    Finally, how about a question and/or hot take topic for next podcast.
    This year for gaming is shaping up to be huge across all platforms. Of the already announced games which are each of you looking forward the most and why?

    Thanks for your time and I’ll see you in chat.

    Ps keep up the great content!