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The 2017 Game Awards were live last week, with Breath of the Wild being crowned the game of the year. How do GrandPOObear, Jaku, and Xwater feel about this decision? They also talk about how they feel about the rest of the nominees for game of the year and debate what exactly makes a game worthy of the title.

In addition to the actual awards being given, there were numerous game reveals and trailers shown at the event. There was also a new Mega Man game announced. However, Poo, Jaku, and Xwater aren’t exactly thrilled about the game’s choice of art style. The 3D look in a 2D game has been tried before, how has it typically held up?

Poo, Jaku, and Xwater talk about the new Detective Pikachu movie and answer some listener questions about whether or not video games should be considered art.

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Quiesdoe says:

    Nice, I just had to look up if Poo mistook Guillermo del Toro with Benicio Del Toro, because the first one is a director and the second one the actor, but it really is Guillermo appearing as a character in Death Stranding, thats so awesome XD

  2. Darxide says:

    You three are the only people I’ve ever heard say “Capcum”. And it’s weird.