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Nintendo has come out with a Super Mario cereal which has Amiibo pads inside the box. GrandPOObear, Jaku, and Xwater give their opinions on this move and how it may impact speedrunning for Super Mario Odyssey. They talk about possible expansions with Nintendo’s IP that they would like to see, like the rumored Zelda show on Netflix.

A new method has recently been found for detecting splicing in Super Meat Boy and has invalidated one of the top runs. Poo, Jaku, and Xwater talk about cheating in speedrunning and how they feel this discovery impacts the community. They also talk a bit more about Todd Rogers. Check out ExoSDA’s explanation for his splicing here.

This week’s Hot Take is on whether or not a speedrunning is obligated to submit a world record video to the leaderboards. They answer some viewer questions and Xwater tries to defend his shower situation.

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  1. JayPea13 says:

    Hey i know this has been out a while and someone probably brought it up. But i was on the youtubes and saw and old video of poo playing pit of panga: jump scare and he totally called the zelda netflix back in 2016. Thought it was funny.

  2. Darxide says:

    If you want to know why most video game movies suck, Google “Uwe Boll”.