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Like Twitch but without the games… and video.

GrandPOOBear, Jaku, and new host Xwater are back after a two week break to share what exactly has been going on in the break. They share their stories from TwitchCon and the first ever Mario Maker Colosseum! Not every event is without flaws however, and our hosts talk about how events like these could be improved.

Super Mario Odyssey was released over the weekend for the Nintendo Switch and everyone is excited about it. Poo, Jaku, and Xwater have spoiler free discussion about the game and talk about the game’s very few flaws. Jaku and Xwater then have a spoiler filled talk about everything they enjoyed with the game. There will be a spoiler warning before they dive into it so make sure you avoid spoilers if you have not yet played/beaten the game!

The winner of the Nintendo Switch giveaway is announced during the show! This happens before the spoiler talk so you can find out who won without being worried about spoilers.

You can submit any questions you have to podcast@warp.world for the Ask the Broadcasters segment!

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