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After missing a week due to being at Smash the Record and being sick, GrandPOOBear is back with Jaku as well as special guest host Xwater. They talk about Smash the Record before talking about another speedrunning event: AGDQ 2018. They talk about the game submission list as well as how tickets for the event have sold out after only 23 hours. They talk about finding NES Golf on the Nintendo Switch and other Easter Eggs found in popular games.

SEGA teams up with Hooters to promote Sonic Forces, so Poo, Jaku, and Xwater talk about other bizarre team-ups like this in the history of gaming.

This week’s Hot Take is in response to an interview with the developers of  PUBG claiming that Epic Games’ should have asked them before making Fortnite Battle Royal since they feel Epic Games’ are copying their use game’s engine and game modes. The questions are: When a game developer makes a game, do they own that kind of game? Do other developers need to ask permission before making a similar game?

Poo, Jaku, and Xwater answer some listener questions about speedrunning on emulator or original hardware.

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Warp World Podcast

2 Responses so far.

  1. Divine Favor says:

    Hey guys!

    Good stuff as always, but the sound this time was kind of off for me? It sounded like the voices were fuzzy and overly loud/distorted this podcast? Did you maybe mix it differently? If so I would suggest you go back to the other way if possible. Keep it up!

    • jaku says:

      Both myself and xwater recorded in the same place and it was a pretty big warehouse type place that had some ventilation issues going on. Wasn’t a lot we could do to get the audio the best when recording.