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Like Twitch but without the games… and video.

This week on the Warp World Podcast, GrandPOOBear and Jaku are joined by Sinister1. Known for his blindfolded runs of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!, Sinister now works at Twitch. Poo and Jaku talk with him about how he got into speedrunning and where he found his inspiration for blindfolded runs. They also ask him about how he got his job at Twitch and what working there is like.

Poo, Jaku, and Sinister have a Hot Take about controversy surrounding an old speedrunning record of Dragster. The record has been questioned lately by people who have reverse engineered the game to see if his legendary time of 5:51 is actually possible and have concluded it is not, although his time was verified by a couple sources, including Activision, the company who created the game. Poo, Jaku, and Sinister answer whether they feel the record should be counted and give some arguments for both sides.

They also answer a viewer question about knowing how to pick the right games to play!

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