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Being one of the lucky few who were able to preorder a SNES Classic Edition, Jaku talks to GrandPOOBear about how he was able to secure one. They reference the discussion they had in the first episode of the Warp World Podcast about whether they predicted that Nintendo would be better about having enough consoles for sale than they were with the NES Classic.

H3H3 Productions won a lawsuit regarding the use of content created by someone else, which prompted a discussion from Poo and Jaku about what the term “fair use” means to them and how it applies to them as content creators. This led into this week’s Hot Take. After another streamer filed copyright on a video of him getting annoyed by the same players repeatedly, Poo and Jaku talk about whether they felt like that was within his rights to do as well as if they feel he handled the situation well.

Our hosts welcome on Hi5T0Safety, a fellow Mario Maker streamer and friend of the show to talk about his background. They dive into how Hi5 got into streaming and what exactly makes his community much more devoted than other communities. Has Hi5 developed a cult? Or is it just a group of friends coming together to watch/play games on the Internet?

Poo, Jaku, and Hi5 answer some viewer questions about possible age limits in Speedrunning and whether being good at video games is something that can be learned or if it takes a special talent.

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