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In this episode of the Warp World Podcast, GrandPOOBear and Jaku talk about Yo! Noid, Jaku’s new speed game, and speedrunning in general. After running the game for a couple weeks, Jaku found a glitch that would save minutes over the previous record. This, and a new glitch that was found in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, prompted a discussion about whether or not there are any “unbeatable” records.

If these glitches found in decades old games are any indication, a game that is considered maxed out may still be able to be beaten a little faster. Barrier skip in Zelda: Wind Waker was one of the most sought after glitches for years and it’s finally been found. Once thought to be an unfindable glitch, it begs the question, what other “unfindable” glitches have yet to be found?

In this week’s Hot Take, Poo and Jaku talk about whether Western developers should be taking over long time Eastern games and use the success of last week’s Sonic Mania as a basis for the discussion.

To end the show, Poo and Jaku answer some listener questions!

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