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With Sonic Mania releasing this week, GrandPOOBear and Jaku talk about how Sega hired rom hack makers to make a new “classic” Sonic game and how perhaps Nintendo should do the same. Nintendo has always seemed out of touch with the modern gaming industry, but that may be changing. Nintendo has set the world record for a stage in Splatoon 2, so hopefully that means they are going to start embracing the speedrunning community. The only other example of Nintendo partaking in speedrunning is this incredible five person run through a level in New Super Mario Brothers. U that they released a few years ago.

Nintendo could also be opening their IPs to the world following Mario + Rabbids for the Nintendo Switch. Developed by Ubisoft, this could be a sign of things to come in terms of Nintendo collaborating with their characters.

In wake of No Man’s Sky’s new update, can anything bring people back to the game, or do people feel too burned after the game’s disappointing launch? Also, check out this video of Jurrasic Park in No Man’s Sky!

In this week’s Hot Take, Poo and Jaku address the question: Is it time for eSports to be an Olympic Sport? There are pros and cons for this argument and as gamers themselves, our hosts are able to give a unique perspective on the issue.

Poo and Jaku close the show by answering some of those listener questions!

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