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GrandPOOBear and Jaku talk about Mega Man Maker after one week with the game, as well as the recently announced Mega Man movie. Is Mega Man a character that would translate well to a movie? Or would it be another failure for video game movies? Poo and Jaku give their thoughts, as well as offer a different solution that might work better for the franchise.

Evo 2017 came to a close last week, and it prompted Poo and Jaku to think about the future of Smash Bros. Should Nintendo port the series’ most popular game, Super Smash Brothers Melee, to the Switch, or should they move the franchise forward with a brand new game?

This week’s Hot Take discussion was about whether or not Dr. Disrespect’s ban from Battlegrounds was justified as well as whether or not game developers should publicly comment on bans/timeouts they give.

This episode introduces the first ever Jaku Explains segment. Given his technical background, Jaku gives his take on a new tech issue, and this week’s issue is AI. After Elon Musk’s warning about AI and his urging to create laws about what AI can/cannot be programmed to do, Jaku and Poo have a discussion about the current situation and whether or not AI is going to be a threat in the near future.

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