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Like Twitch but without the games… and video.

GrandPOOBear and Jaku welcome their first guest to the show, Ryukahr!

Ryu joins Poo and Jaku to talk about the differences between streaming on YouTube and streaming on Twitch, and given Ryu’s background as a YouTube streamer, he’s asked why he chose that platform over Twitch. They talk about the brand new fan-made Mega-Man Maker, and compare it to Super Mario Maker.

For this week’s Hot Take, they talk about using save states while playing difficult Mario rom hacks. A save state is creating a restore point at anywhere in the game, so you could use it to practice a very hard jump, cut out wait times, as well as to save all progress through a level which negates the effect of dying. Poo, Jaku, And Ryu give their opinions on whether people should use them while learning to play a game.

They also answer a fan question about reproduction cartridges to play fan made games and the moral ambiguity surrounded them.

Try out Mega-Man MakerSuper Panga World, and Super Dram World!

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