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Like Twitch but without the games… and video.

Join your hosts GrandPOOBear and Jaku from Summer Games Done Quick 2017 (SGDQ)!

Poo and Jaku want you to know what really happens at SGDQ, as it’s not only what you see on stream. From escape rooms to playing Mario in the practice room with friends, there’s a lot going on that you wouldn’t be aware of if you don’t attend the event.

They also talk about some of the big events like the Super Mario Relay (which Poo was apart of), as well as how the setup for the runs can affect the rest of the week if something goes wrong.

This episode features two Hot Take topics, as well as the first Ask the Broadcasters segment!

You can submit any questions you have to podcast@warp.world for the Ask the Broadcasters segment!

You can find Jaku on TwitterTwitch, and YouTube.

You can also find Poo on TwitterTwitch, and YouTube as well!



Warp World Podcast